måndag 20 april 2009

omröstning imorgon om internet i EU ...

Alla internetanvändare! Använd er lilla makt gemensamt, så att vi, medborgare, blir en stark faktor. Påverka, så att tillägg 138 röstas igenom i morgon, den 21 april 2009, i EU-parlamentet.
Jag har mejlat följande till bl.a. Nils Lundgren, junipartiet: (dessutom har jag använt Googles översättningstjänst, och översatt e-brevet till finska, danska och som här, engelska, och mejlat till flera eu-parlamentariker.)
Dear Mmmm Xxxx!
For me, are issues related to internet giant key. As an example of the Internet's important role, can I mention that I have been informed of tomorrow's important elections in the EU Parliament just by blog sites on the Internet.
Tomorrow worries me.
We have the wonderful Internet, developed in 1990 - and we can thank the many voluntary efforts of students and technology interested. Commercialisation is good from many perspectives: you are able to buy prescription medicines from the pharmacy via the Internet, and have them delivered by mail. That is really an environmentally great invention.
I use the Internet every day to self-assess, the SAM application, record animal movements, netshopping, banking, talking to friends and family, blogging (like a diary).
But - now the freedom, which created all these new opportunities, will be limited by a law, on Tuesday April 21?
If the 138 amendment falls, will not only I personally be affected, but the entire liberal establishment on the Internet. Without amendment 138, will risk my ability to use the Internet, because my ISP may be free to arbitrarily limit my access. I want to ensure that this does not happen!
Sometimes it feels difficult to affect the large EU but now I am trying.
In today's connected society, the internet is vital both for the democratic conversation, socializing and business. A citizen's right. Please support amendment 138 and your own future possibilities to influence the EU, via the Internet.
Sverige, Kungälv 2009-04-20
Yours sincerely
Mer upplysningar på sajten: www.telecompaketet.se

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